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Акн $тяѳпgтнапё

☢🔥𝓁Ỗ𝓡卄 𝐎尺C𝕒x𝒆♙♖

☟👽๏D𝐈𝕣 ΜᵘĎ🍭👻

💀🐣ѕ𝓲Μ β𝐚𝕣𝕓EⒹ😈★

👌💢σ𝓻σ𝐑đ ᵖ𝐄в𝐛ˡ𝕖😈💙

±‡±𝘉𝘢𝘳𝘳 𝘗𝘦𝘣𝘣𝘭𝘦𝘣𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘥±‡±

𝔊𝔩𝔞𝔟 𝔑𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔪𝔞𝔠𝔢


Ꮆ尺ㄩ乙 ㄩ几ᗪ乇尺


B̟a̟r̟r̟ H̟i̟l̟l̟h̟e̟l̟m̟

A̾k̾h̾o̾l̾i̾ ̾N̾o̾b̾l̾e̾h̾e̾l̾m̾

☠👑 𝐬Δ𝐤∂𝓻 Ł𝓲Ꮆᕼт ♚♤

👊🍫ﻮ𝐫𝓊𝔃 𝒻𝐋αⓉ𝒷€𝔫ᗪeг👤💥

◦•●❤♡ Hålm Hðrñ ♡❤●•◦

S̺i̺d̺g̺ F̺i̺e̺r̺y̺t̺a̺n̺k̺


𝓝𝓮𝓻𝓭 𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓽

ᛕᕼᗝᑌᔕ ᗰᗴᖇᖇƳ

God & Goddess Name Generator

For those of you who are gamers, story writers, and role players, here is an advanced automated tool that can help you to generate unlimited unique and creative god names.

These names are designed to sound familiar but are actually distinct. All over the world from time immemorial, people have worshiped and sought guidance from supernatural powers. Maybe you might have heard about those gods and goddesses from old people.

Before the books, people tried to connect with the supreme realm through these gods and goddesses. If we are able to find such traditions all over the world, then there might be some reason.

If in your writing or game or role play, you have to create an aura of super powerful and divine characters, then a proper name is important.

People of ages subscribed to different gods and goddesses for control over different aspects of natural phenomena, for example, the god of rain, the god of intelligence, the god of war, the goddess of fertility, the goddess of beauty, etc.

This tool will generate hundreds of powerful names you can use it freely anywhere in any way you wish.

How does this tool God Name Generator work?

It has a huge database of modified god and goddess names which it mixes and matches as per requirement.

So, every time you click on "Generate Names", it will generate 20 unique god names. It will generate both male (gods) and female (goddesses) names.

How to use this tool?

It's very easy. All you have to do it click on "Generate Names".

If you want any specific word to be included in the name, enter it in the INPUT field. That word will be added as a suffix and prefix.

It can also generate both male and female names. All you have to do is click the radio button for "MALE" or "FEMALE".

God name Generator

Unique God Names

God Names

(You can use these names,then mix-match and create the name of your god yourself)

Harllas => god of arts
Apoidos => god of light
Hertis => god of delusion
Nepaeno => god of unforgiving
Meretus => god of duality
Harnia => god of periodic renewal
Aerthenia => god of unforgiving
Telesarge => god of youth
Aanhelai => god of periodic renewal
Antecampi => god of wealth
Gelnomia => god of oaths
Cymophin => god of deceit
Cupaestus => and wine
Hydtus => god of generation
Corelpis => god of the forest
Amphironos => god of unforgiving
Posrybia => god of ruin
Dyspnos => god of triumph
Eosrius => god of fields
Elpnus => god of indulgence
Aphehaos => god of pity
Posorkos => god of blacksmiths
Karrybia => god of poetry
Marphron => god of time
Celetis => god of sky
Heimses => god of fields
Homturn => god of war cry
Phoretheus => god of thieves
Oureos => god of dissolution
Eretasiai => god of unforgiving
Gertus => god of healing
Deionoia => god of wealth
Aschelai => god of unforgiving
Deionoia => and wine
Meteras => god of modesty
Letpies => god of thunder
Hortis => god of tricksters
Ekethenia => god of riches under the Earth
Palaaestus => god of light
Aantos => god of mercy
Pancchus => god of thunder
Stheos => god of ruin
Graaeno => god of travelers
Marrotes => god of vengeance
Hephothea => god of war
Apheaeno => god of time
Eusetheia => god of shopkeepers
Poslassa => god of time
Dioalke => god of healing
Anathenia => god of fields

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God name Generator

Unique Goddess Names

Goddess Names

(You can use these names,then mix-match and create the name of your goddess yourself)

Amphiera =>goddess of gates
Gatinanna =>goddess of stars
Chierva =>goddess of commerce
Aegmera =>goddess of war
Verigieia =>goddess of poetry
Mnemerpina =>goddess of dawn
Nyxpes =>goddess of reeds
Eiresoi =>goddess of skill
Shastia =>goddess of love
Heskigal =>goddess of rash action
Prosmera =>goddess of flour mill
Nidera =>goddess of war
Herostus =>goddess of commerce
Hartrite =>goddess of beer
Ishethys =>goddess of passages
Aphroomia =>goddess of wine
Galres =>goddess of war
Tertir =>goddess of shadow
Haresoi =>goddess of wisdom
Eirpes =>goddess of marriage
Ashsephone =>goddess of dawn
Gaimathe =>goddess of flour mill
Inaomona =>goddess of childbirth
Eunoiana =>goddess of shadow
Brkasi =>goddess of wild animals
Ashtar =>goddess of heat
Speaia =>goddess of heat
Terlil =>goddess of fertility
Ashtrite =>goddess of marriage
Rheainanna =>goddess of war
Hygimma =>goddess of heat
Athepes =>goddess of dawn
Flotuna =>goddess of procreation
Cetobele =>goddess of medicine
Cybnanke =>goddess of plants
Iaso nanke =>goddess of healing
Eunotar =>goddess of transitions
Iaso eanus =>goddess of Earth
Hergal =>goddess of wisdom
Irisnanke =>goddess of passages
Amatemis =>goddess of transitions
Iaso nanke =>goddess of war
Amaerva =>goddess of beginning
Uttu lora =>goddess of endings
Nescothea =>goddess of passages
Pommathe =>goddess of healing
Cetobele =>goddess of air
Nyxpione =>goddess of flowers
Demomia =>queen of heaven
Galthena =>goddess of health

Short description of gods and goddesses in different traditions

Celtic gods and goddesses

It's an almost forgotten civilization of many tribes.Originally from central Europe, they migrated to western Europe including Britain.

After the advent of followers of various books, most of the Celtic gods and goddesses were turned into Saints or fallen angels, or often Demons.
Bit ironical.

Anyway, Some of the most famous Celtic gods and goddesses are:

DANU: matriarch of the Celtic pantheon

DAGDA : Head of the Celtic gods.

BRIGID: daughter of The Dagda, goddess of healing, fire, wisdom, blacksmithing, cattle, and poetry

AENGUS: god of love and youth

LUGH: youthful warrior, king, and craftsman

The Morrígan: goddess of battle, war and fate (Actually, a collection of three goddesses Macha, Nemain, and Badb)

CERNUNNOS : god of wealth, animals, fertility, and nature

Norse gods & goddesses

Also called Viking Gods, they were quite famous and had supernatural powers.

Some of the famous Norse gods and goddesses are:

Odin: the father of all gods, The supreme deity of Norse mythology

Frigg: Odin's wife

Balder: Son of Odin and Frigg.

Loki: mischievous god

Thor: Famous son of Odin.A powerful god of thunder with a hammer named Mjöllnir.

Freya: sensual and passionate goddesses. sister of Freyr

Freyr: god of fertility of the Vanir clan

Heimdall:son of Odin, Shiniest' of all gods

Hel: goddess of Hel.

Vale: Son of Odin. He took revenge for Balder's death by killing Hod.

Greek gods & goddesses

Zeus- God of the Sky • Poseidon- God of the Sea

• Ares- God of War

• Aphrodite- Goddess of Love

• Hera- Goddess of Women

• Demeter- Goddess of Harvest

• Athena- Goddess of Strategy

• Apollo- God of the Sun, Music, and Poetry

• Artemis- Goddess of the Hunt

• Hephaestus- God of Fire

• Hermes- the Messenger God

• Dionysus- God of Wine

Can I just pick any name from this tool and use it?


All the names generated are coded to be random and you are free to use them anyway, anywhere.

I want some specific word as suffix or prefix in the name. Is it possible to give some input?


You can enter the word you wish to be the part of the name. It will add it as Suffix and prefix. You will see both the version in the name and choose the name you like.

It will also show the Random root word generated. You could pick that one also.

What is the limit on number of gods and goddesses names generated?

There is no upper limit. Infact, if we do scientific calculations, then combining all the permutations and combinations, it could be more than millions of gods and goddesses names here.

Note: These are imaginary names and any resemblance with actual names is unintentional and merely coincidental.

The rest is up to you to grab these beautiful names and can use them in any way you want.

God name Generator

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