About Us

 This website which name is fancy-name.com is based on scripting language and programming language we use HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP to develop this website. What it does when you type any text is automatically send data to server using ajax and then generate different types of stylish name for you which can be used in just one click copy paste option.

So our main motto was to build this website for gaming community, the reason is that as you know pubg gamer or free fire Gamers they both use and fancy names on their username awesome profile name so they are many website but none of them has a huge collection of different different types of a stylish name so that we build this website so people can easily access all the different types of stylish names.

One more thing that this site is not just limited to gaming platform even if you are using social media platform like Facebook Twitter Instagram there are so can we use this right even on YouTube you can use as commenting.